About us

We are a group of experienced designers who boldly interpret contemporary architecture. You can recognize us by the perfect combination of Investor’s individual needs with daily functionality and the latest design.

Our studio has been established with passion to create sophisticated and full of not unusual connections design.

While creating we find inspiration in daily life, art, music and philosophy; therefore we create unique projects that emphasize your individuality. Our mission is to create a space perfectly suited to you, where you may feel safe, comfortable and above all exceptional. So we always listen carefully to your expectations and needs because our goal is to create a unique place to which you would want to come back every day. artMOKO is not only architecture of buildings, we care also for emotions while arranging surroundings.
We believe that by introducing harmony and beauty in places where we spend most of our time, we introduce them also to our lives.

Monika Skóbel

artMOKO project leader CEO/ architect/ interior designer

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Technology in Cracow as well as of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Since 2008 I have been running my own design studio artMOKO.

In my work the most important is to find the answer to the question what does the Investor want, and what does he/she need in order to feel fully happy completely safe and absolutely unique in his/her own house.

Our studio designs spaces where a human and human needs are paramount, spaces where one always wants to come back – and our customers appreciate us just for this.

Monika Skóbel