Our other implementations include, the designs of hotels and spas, buildings and office space, as well as warehouses and manufacturing halls. We also design such facilities as shops and showrooms, gyms, gas stations and car washes. The substance of our commercial designs is the absolute, unwavering usability and functionality. Therefore, when creating this type of facilities we always remember that maintaining standards is the most important issue to ensure thorough security for their future users.


Hotels that we design are primarily unique and comfortable for all guests. When we create them, we draw inspiration from the places where they are situated. Office spaces created by us do not only impress with a unique design, but above all are characterized by maximum functionality.


In the case of retail and service buildings, the architecture and interiors designed by our studio largely support the activities carried out by the company. In our designs, commercial space is an invitation for the consumers to get acquainted with an exquisite and functional design.


Our approach to cooperation allows us to design fully thought-out and well-balanced spaces for production and warehouses, which are the basis for the success of the greatest companies.