In our designs of houses and residences we tend to follow the opinion of Vitruvius, who believed that a properly designed building should be durable, useful, and beautiful, and only if it meets these conditions, it can be called architecture. The designs of buildings that we prepare are also characterized by uniqueness and a perfect fit for the Investor’s lifestyle. In the successive stages of our cooperation with the client we try to offer solutions that meet all the expectations of our customers, both aesthetic and financial. Our architects fully embrace both modern and classic architecture, that is why we are able to satisfy lovers of current trends and the minimalist style as well as those seeking traditional solutions tailored to the latest technology.


Our current designs can certainly be described as creative architecture, which combines all that is best and which turns Investor’s dreams into reality. As architects, we are extremely sensitive to the beauty and aesthetics of buildings, and we have great respect for architecture in the vicinity of the project and for traditions of the region.


We stand out among the architectural offices in Krakow due to our flexible approach to each stage of cooperation and complexity of the project implementation as well as further supervision of construction work in progress. We operate throughout the territory of Poland, especially in Kraków, Katowice or Podhale, so if you are looking for an architect who will turn your vision home into a full discipline civil engineering design, we invite you to get acquainted with our designs as well as to contact us to discuss the design intent.